Build powerful themes and extensions with Blueprint.

Powerful, fast and developer-friendly extension framework for Pterodactyl. Utilize extension APIs, inject HTML, modify stylesheets, package extensions and so much more.

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Explore modifications built with Blueprint.

Find new and established extensions and themes on the extension browse page.

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Browse from a growing library of free, open source and paid extensions.

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Learn to build extensions with step-by-step guides and refer to documentation of Blueprint's features and extension APIs.

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Open source

Blueprint is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Anyone is free to use, study and modify the framework's source code.



People just like you fund future development for Blueprint by donating.



Both installing and developing extensions is made to be less complicated than conventional methods.

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Theme support

Extensions can ship with custom stylesheets to theme your Pterodactyl panel with.

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Write and manage modifications, faster.

We aim to create a community of new and experienced developers being able to write easy to install and versatile extensions with up-to-date documentation, guides and developer tools.